“On the seventh day of Christmas, my true love gave to me seven swans a swimming…”

Symbolism:  The seven swans a swimming stand for both the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit and the Seven Sacraments.

A Prayer for the Seventh Day of Christmas, based on the prayer “His Priorities” in The Power of a Praying Wife:

Dear Blessed Mother, you are my example and my inspiration. Please help me to seek Our Lord first in everything I do. Please help me, as this New Year sets in, to set my priorities in perfect order.

Please help me to love my husband and put him before the other people and things in my life….before my children, my work, family, friends, activities and hobbies.

Please help me to strengthen the bond with him and let him know that he is a priority in my life. Please heal the the times I have caused my husband to doubt this.

Please show me how to prioritize everything so that whatever steals life away, or has no lasting purpose, I will have the grace to eradicate from my life.

I pray for my husband – that his priorities will be in perfect order, also. May he make you the King of his heart more each day. May he simplify his life so he will be able to place You first.

Please help him, also, to place me and our children in greater importance than his career, his friends and his activities.

May we both seek you FIRST and submit our all to You. When we do this, Lord, I know that the other pieces of our lives will fit together perfectly.


 “He became what we are that He might make us what He is.” -St.Athanasius
Know someone who stubbornly holds to their opinion? Someone who is sometimes right, sometimes wrong, but NEVER in doubt….

❤️🌹Our first line of defense is the bond we must have with our husband. Besides our spiritual life, which gives us the grace to do so, we must put our relationship with our husband first. It is something we work on each day.
How do we do this? Many times it is just by a tweaking of the attitude, seeing things from a different perspective. It is by practicing the virtues….self-sacrifice, submission, thankfulness, kindness, graciousness, etc.
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